Mission Statement

The Florida State University Sports Medicine Department strives to provide the intercollegiate student-athletes with the utmost quality health care.  In doing so, the Sports Medicine staff is devoted to the care, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses while maximizing athletic performance.  The Sports Medicine Department is dedicated to providing the FSU student-athletes with the latest in sports medicine research and technology, and to create an environment that promotes the total wellness of the student, the athlete, and the person.


The Sports Medicine Department

The Sports Medicine Department is a team of health care professionals including numerous team physicians and certified athletic trainers.  Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of athletes/patients/clients.  Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, intervention, and rehabilitation of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions.  The Florida State University Sports Medicine staff is comprised of (1) Director of Sports Medicine, (2) Associate Directors of Sports Medicine, (1) Director of Clinical and Sports Psychology, (9) Assistant Athletic Trainers, (1) Insurance Coordinator, and (11) Intern/Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainers, along with some of the top physicians in the region with various specialties.  The Sports Medicine Department also works with the Athletic Training Education Program by providing clinical sites for their athletic training students, which is approximately 40-50 athletic training students at a time.

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