Contact Us


Name Title Phone # Email
Robin Gibson Director of Sports Medicine 850-644-2139 (o)
Athletic Trainer – SOC 850-544-1746 (c)
Jake Pfeil Senior Associate Director of Sports Medicine 850-644-7038 (o)
Head FB Athletic Trainer 850-694-0989 (c)
Jerry Latimer Associate Dir. of Sports Med. / 850-228-5738
Physical Therapist /Athletic Trainer
Josh Chatman Athletic Trainer – FB 850-228-6911
Alora Sullivan Athletic Trainer – FB 850-228-7174
Eunice Hernandez Athletic Trainer – SW/ DV 850-694-2086
Brandon Stone Athletic Trainer – BS/ MGF

Drug Testing Coordinator

Anthony Alaniz Athletic Trainer – TK 850-228-5131
Emily Hutcherson Athletic Trainer – WBK 850-728-4931
Amanda Robinson Athletic Trainer – MBK 850-228-9326
Julia Giampaolo French Athletic Trainer – VB/ BVB 850-728-5021
Cheryl Pfeil Athletic Trainer – Coordinator

Insurance Coordinator

850-644-1206 (o)
850-694-0130 (c)
Dr. Keely Kaklamanos Clinical Psycholgist 850-228-0252
AnaKarin Smith Resident Athletic Trainer – Cheer/Dance 850-570-7328
Michael Bressi Resident Athletic Trainer – MTN 850-273-9178
Aileen Moore Resident Athletic Trainer – BVB 850-296-5603
Sarah Peterika Resident Athletic Trainer – SB 850-228-4247
Cayce Marlatt Resident Athletic Trainer – SW/DV 850-296-4955
Kendall Rosebrock Resident Athletic Trainer – TK 850-296-6259
Jennifer Dawson Resident Athletic Trainer – SOC 850-273-0381
Jhane’ Garner Grad. Asst. Athletic Trainer – WTN 850-591-4197
Chase Johnson Grad. Asst. Athletic Trainer – FB 850-459-1614
Cruise Dunn Grad. Asst. Athletic Trainer – FB 860-443-2609

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